March theme: Instinct and Intuition
Focus: Creative play, experimenting with different materials, and exploring ways to strengthen our creative instincts!

‘Instinct and Intuition’ is the second of six studio-based mindful creativity workshops that make up the practical component of 168 Days of Kāpiti Magic.

In our second workshop, we’ll be exploring the role of intuition in creativity, and how we can create space for our instinct and intuition to come to the fore. We’ll again progress through a range of creative exercises related to our theme, using my studio and garden spaces, with the option of completing a meditative walk around the local lagoons. We look at how abstract art and painting techniques can help us to ‘let loose’ and enjoy creativity without the pressure of immediate results.

About our March guest speaker, Corinne Allan

Corrine will be talking about Birth Colours and how they can enhance our wellbeing.

About Corinne

Corinne Allan lives with her husband and three children in Waikanae. She grew up in Switzerland. From 2012 till December 2016 Corinne completed studies in Art Therapy, Mindfulness technique and Colour Diagnostics.

In 2017 Corinne opened Kapiti Art Therapy to give parents an alternative to medical treatment, feeling that there was a huge need in the community to help children deal with emotional stress and teach them skills to cope with learning/behavioural difficulties and focus on their talents rather on what is challenging for them.

Corinne offers parents information and support and work alongside schools and medical professionals. She is passionate about helping children, teenager and adults to improve their emotional, mental and physical well being. She is also a strong believer in the benefits of Creativity:

‘Creativity leads to creative thinking, creative thinking leads to problem solving, and problem solving leads to emotional Intelligence and Emotional intelligence is everything.’

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Phone: 027 246 4488

Booking enquiries

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