February theme: Bloom
Focus: Orientation, setting the foundations for a mindful creativity practice + discussing creative projects

‘Bloom’ is the first of six studio-based mindful creativity workshops that make up the practical component of 168 Days of Kāpiti Magic.

In these workshops, and particularly our first session together, the focus is on you! Given that we are fresh into 2021, it’s a great time to think about how you want to get the best out of the year – what you’ll do to feel well and centred, how you’ll find ways to grow and evolve, and what you’ll do to embrace life, enjoy the small things along the way and set yourself up for success throughout the year.

In this workshop, we set the foundations for the programme. We talk about the different mindfulness techniques we’ll be exploring and how they can support our creativity and wellbeing. The group will get the chance to learn a little about each other and get comfortable with workshopping ideas and concepts as a group.
We’ll discuss the option of setting goals for your own creative project and how you can make the most of me as your facilitator, studio time, and the energy and wisdom of the group to support you on your journey. And then we’ll progress through a range of creative exercises related to our theme, allowing everyone to get oriented to studio and the garden spaces on my property.
In the final 30 minutes of the workshop we’ll be treated to a guest presentation by local wellbeing practitioner Yossarian Fay.

About our February guest speaker, Yossarian Fay

Yossarian Fay works with busy people whose health and stress levels are stopping them from living their lives fully. She supports people becoming healthy, both emotionally and physically, while empowering them to live the life they want. 

As a qualified and experienced reflexologist, teacher, infant massage instructor and naturopath Yossarian Fay has spent many years refining her skills and finding the best tools to help busy people find balance and regain a life they love.  Her passion is education and helping others to help themselves.  Yossarian runs courses in finding balance and baby reflexology as well as taking clients for reflexology and life coaching in Kāpiti.

Yossarian will be presenting on Bach Flower Remedies. 

Our thoughts and emotions are a huge dictator in our health. For this reason, Yossarian loves using Bach Flower Remedies and sharing their benefits to others.  They are a great way to help improve your emotional well-being and mindset, allowing space and enthusiasm for any life style tweaks needed.

In this way issues are not endlessly treated, rather the cause of the problem is targeted so that you are able to move forward in life, accessing the intelligence within you that knows how to achieve your dreams, heal and repair you.  A ‘back to basics’ philosophy and promoting good emotional health is key to her business Becoming Healthy.

Yossarian can be found through these links and details.

 Website: www.becominghealthy.co.nz  

E-mail: becominghealthynz@gmail.com

Phone: 021 05 999 03

Facebook: Becoming Healthy NZ

Blog: Becoming Healthy NZ