The painting, formerly ‘Untitled’, has a new name – congratulations Marg Rainbird!

‘This competition was great fun’, stated Jordan on announcing the winner of the competition today. Open to all who visited Jordan at the May Kirribilli Markets in Sydney, entrants were invited to view the artwork in situ, contemplate the mood and tone of the work, and discuss with Jordan their thoughts on a possible name for the piece.

‘I was truly flattered by all of the comments from people who felt a connection to the work. It’s the first time I’ve shown this piece and for it to get such an engaged response was very rewarding,’ said Jordan.

Market-goers entering Jordan’s ‘Name my Painting’ competition at the May Kirribilli Markets

Why ‘Medicine Woman’?

‘I chose Medicine Woman because it felt immediately right. Lots of people commented on the hints of shamanic inspiration in the work, and I think that is correct. I also appreciated the focus and attention of Marg’s gaze as she assessed the piece. I felt that she understood the importance of finding exactly the right name, and she stood there amidst the market crowds for quite some time, thinking it through. And it worked – she found the right name, and in that way, I think the painting found her as much as anything.  Congratulations Marg!

Jordan also selected a list of favoured runner-ups – take a look at the range of other wonderful names suggested for this artwork!

Jordan’s favourite runner-up entries

Jess: Showdog

Merle: Bright Lights

Miranda: Frazzled Ballerina

Janine: Spring Dreaming

Felicity: Wonderland

Alison: Whispering Zest

Leo: Le Manifique

Lyndsay: Savoir Faire

Alex: The Flow

Alex: Waiting for Godot

Lauren: Botanical Entropy

Teddy: Night Owl

Toni: All things Beautiful

Nicole: Colourful Play Adventure

Amanda: Dinosaur Design

Renee: Aqua Illerina