Available during the 2023 Kapiti Coast Arts Trail

I love the process of making art cards! It’s very meditative and experimental. I also love it as a break from making larger works. As you can see from the image above, my art cards are made through a process which is both whimsical and methodical. I create small pieces of playful ‘somethings’ and then they progress through a series of card board lids as they mature through the creation process.

Like my art process generally, I don’t really have a set idea of where I’ll end up – and I never know which experiments will ‘work’. If they don’t work as an art card, they get broken down into smaller elements and added to my collage boxes.

I particularly love working with watercolour for my art cards. I’ve always been an acrylics girl, but over the last two years or so have started experimenting a lot more with watercolour. It’s wild! I find it to be a constant state of co-creation with you, the water, the paper and the paint. Anything can happen!

Art cards are $12 each or two for $20. You can purchase in the studio during the 2023 Arts Trail, or send me a message to pre-order or commission a set all of your own!


Art Cards