The Top Hats by Jordan Harcourt-Hughes shortlisted for art prize

Media Release 5th May 2016

The Top Hats shortlisted for the Kirribilli Centre’s 40th Anniversary Art Prize

Jordan’s original painting entitled The Top Hats – which she also used on the cover of her novel Bitroux Book 1: The Metalsmith, has been shortlisted for the Kirribilli Centre’s 40th Anniversary Art Prize.

Says Jordan of the artwork: ‘The Bitroux books demonstrate perfectly my creative process as a writer – with the story being not defined so much by what comes to my head as what appears in my art.’

‘In the writing of Book 1: The Metalsmith, the Top Hats forced me to listen, far more deeply than I had before, to the story that was working its way out into the world through my own subconscious. Who were these creatures and what did they want? Were they men of history or stranger beings from an entirely different dimension?  Why were they appearing time and time again in different paintings, always in a similar way, and always when I painted in blue hues?’

‘The Top Hats are to me a reminder of the magic and the mystery of the universe and indeed our connection to it through our essential creative selves. To make art is to create a token of the things we don’t quite understand, but which will be revealed to us if we simply listen more deeply.’

See The Top Hats on display as part of the Kirribilli Centre Art Prize Exhibition from Friday May 6th to Sunday May 8th.

Says the Kirribilli Centre of the event: ‘The Centre has always encouraged local artists and has had a long held passion for the creative members of our community.

‘The Centre will utilise the Gallery, with its stunning stone walls and views across the bridge, the Trelawney room with its historical high ceilings, and the lovely Thornton and McManus rooms. Judging will be by renowned artist Peter Browne, and all patrons will be invited to vote for their favorite artwork and a people’s choice winner will be awarded at the close of the exhibition.’