The rage equation

Have you felt the fury, recently?

I would dare to suggest that even if you’re the the most focused, positive person, you can still sometimes get sidelined by rage.

It’s a tricky thing. We feel rage because we care about life. If our values and beliefs are at stake, we react. Sometimes we react well, but sometimes we’re triggered unto that place where our bodies flood with hot adrenal – and that pumping charge that we know as anger, fury, mad-as-hell feelings, overwhelms us.

Can we use it?

Is allowing ourselves to feel rage a worthy use of our time? I would answer that yes, rage can absolutely be utilised for good. It’s not the feeling of rage itself, it’s the energy that it gives us. That’s how we can reap the benefit of our fury. Through the sorcery that is personal intention, we can convert the white-hot fuel of rage into purposeful action.

Moving forward, deliberately

Some time ago, I figured out an energy converter system that helped me feel more balanced. For every minute I felt enraged,  I assigned myself an hour  of time on a project that would make me feel good, that moved one of my goals forward. Try it. Work out your own system. You can convert rage, anger, fury, frustration simply by being aware of it and understanding how useful that energy source can be. You can apply this energy to anything that feeds your values and beliefs – the very ones that were attacked and resulted in feeling rage in the first place. you can apply your energy to any project that has personal meaning and purpose for you. Just make sure that you really do spend the time you allocate, to ensure that you really drain all of that energy out and make the best use of it that you possibly can.

Why is the Rage Equation so useful?

Firstly, we can get overwhelmed with rage it’s because we’ve experienced a sense of loss, of powerlessness, of indignation at something that offends our sensibilities. Often it’s because we are in a situation that we can’t directly fix or influence. For this reason, converting rage to direct, measurable action in a space that nourishes us can help reassert the equilibrium that we have lost.

Secondly, we often need a power-surge of energy to move forward with, or complete, projects that we’ve started. If you’re anything like me, you love to start new projects. We have these fantastic visions of our life changing when these projects are completed. A book. A course. Any creative project. A renovation. You name it. Whatever it is, starting is the most fun. It’s easy. It engages our imagination. We’re enthusiastic and full of drive. Then life happens and we get distracted. 

We are so easily distracted these days that it’s almost a given that if we start a project, we will at some point get distracted and find it hard to get back on course again. We’ll probably need to summon our energy and focus numerous times to make progress, to tick boxes and move our project through the various stages it requires to get to completion. This is where the power of rage comes in. Use it to get your mojo back and push your project across the line! Use rage as a remedy for anywhere in your life where the momentum has slacked. Use its power to push you forward.

In summary

We all know how valuable time is. But focused, intentional energy is also crucial – and often hard to have enough of. So, my advice: go forth and feel the rage – just remember to put that energy where it most benefits you!