Bitroux: Book 1 The Metalsmith (Illustrated edition)


Bitroux: Book 1: The Metalsmith

By Jordan Harcourt-Hughes

The planet of Ahm has been silently changing. Its outer protective shield has thinned and people have been none the wiser. Until now. Merouac, head metalsmith on the transcontinental railroad, has more important things to be worrying about. There’s the railroad, for a start. And then there’s Evra; his young niece, who has come into his care after the death of his twin sister Malaena. An eternal bachelor, Merouac has no idea to take care of such a curious and willful young child. When a travelling gypsy shows him the uniqueness of the small metal sculptures he makes in his spare time, Merouac starts to understand that he is no ordinary metalsmith. It seems that Merouac has the ability to ‘tune’ metal to alternate frequencies and communicate with other worlds. It’s something that could only be possible if Ahm’s shield was, in fact, thinning. Merouac’s journey in the art of frequency tunings is slow to start. But with trains derailing without cause, strange creatures appearing out of nowhere and the mystery around his sister deepening, it becomes imperative for him to learn.



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