Mindful Creativity – nourish your heart, soul and imagination

About my 6-week Mindful Creativity Course

Connect with your inner voice as you develop your own personal creative practice. Includes practical creative exercises such as doodling, sketching, experimenting with acrylic paints, journaling and reflection activities, as well as intuitive writing and future visioning. The course culminates in the creation of a ‘soul portrait’ to help you capture, and stay connected, to your truest self!

What if everything could be calm, simple, joyful and meaningful?

What if every day you could achieve bliss by knowing your most important goals, by feeling more connected to your spiritual side, feeling like you’re doing important work in the world and being more confident in your vision of the future?

This six week course on mindful creativity aims to help you achieve a sense of peace, connectedness and wellness.  Incorporating practical creative exercises, journaling and reflection activities along with intuitive writing and creative visioning, this is a great foundation course to establish a creative practice that works for you.

Together we’ll explore a range of creative exercises that will include: doodling, drawing, storyboarding, sketching, painting, journaling, intuitive writing and visualisation.

This course culminates in the creation of a ‘soul portrait’ to help you capture, and stay connected, to your truest self.

This course is for you if you want to:

    • Start a creative practice
    • Access a calm, empowered, inspired state of mind
    • Find your unique style of expression
    • Find ways to explore and contemplate your life purpose
    • Set a creative vision and articulate your creative goals

Book now for Term 4 , 2023

The course runs weekly on Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30pm, for 6 weeks. 

Cost: $179.00

Materials: Paints and paint brushes are included in course fee, but please bring an art journal, drawing pad, felt pens. Anticipate around $50 cost for materials we use on our journey, including watercolours and acrylic paints. You can purchase whatever works for you, and of course continue to use them after the course!

What people are saying about this course

‘Jordan is a wonderful facilitator, she’s an artist herself and helped all of us to bring out our own creative power. Absolutely recommended for anyone with our without a creative practice.’

‘This course brings mindfulness to your everyday week and gives you tools that you can utilise later.’ – Liisa

‘I would recommend this course to others; it helped me to take a look at what was blocking me from being creative. I found new ways of expressing myself – for myself.’  – Kathy

‘Taking this course has been such an inspiring and uplifting experience – I’m so glad I did it. Not only has it given me new creative ideas and creative avenues to explore, but I really enjoyed connecting with such a lovely and supportive group of classmates. Some sessions have felt like group therapy – in a good way! Jordan’s enthusiasm, passion and care shine though as she leads us on our creative journeys.’ – Sarah

Collaborative painting

Left: this was a collaborative artwork created by my Term 4 Mindful Creativity class in 2022. Exploring the theme of ‘Letting Go’, along side the practice of mark making, eight participants contributed to this artwork (which is actually quite large – about 1m square). 

The idea was to enjoy the process and not focus on the outcome, or not worry about trying to control the outcome. The group divided up into two sets of four. The first group collectively added marks to the blank canvas. Then, they stepped back and the second group added differing or complimentary marks. Then everyone joined in together. It was a lovely, collaborative experience – everyone embraced a sense of curiosity, wonder and play to bring it about, even if it did mean stepping out of their comfort zone!

More Testimonials

‘I enjoyed having the freedom to explore different tools and exploring meditation to help my awareness of thoughts and feelings.’ – Janine

‘I enjoyed the relaxation and mindfulness practices. No pressure in class, open discussion, nice music and creative freedom. It was a mixture of guided art and creative exploration, with mindful education and practice intertwined.’ – Annie

‘I enjoyed the careful structure, the variety, being introduced to different ways of thinking about making art. The warm and welcoming vibe. The opportunity to work quietly on art but also discuss. I also enjoyed the music and the colour of the week.’ – Toni

Student creations from 2020 and 2021