What is Mindful Creativity?

Mindful Creativity is a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy creativity to enhance our sense of wellness. Think of it like yoga – but with a paintbrush! If you’re looking for a way to connect with your inner voice as you develop your own personal creative practice, and have fun with creative exercises such as doodling, sketching, and mixed media painting, Mindful Creativity might be just the thing for you!

My Four Pillars of Mindful Creativity

I’ve developed my Pillars of Mindful Creativity through reflecting on my own creative practice and applying them to my process, approach and ways of thinking and working.  

1. Beginner’s Mind

Allowing ourselves to a beginner enables us to looks at things fresh; to ask new questions, embrace our curiosity and approach creative activities with no expectations of how things will turn out. Beginner’s mind is a key part of Mindful Creativity because it creates space for engaging with ideas, art practices and creative exercises no matter what kind of experience we have – or don’t have! It’s a friendly, accessible way to warm up our creative muscles and be free, whimsical and relaxed. Beginner’s Mind takes all the pressure off having to produce finished creative work and allows us to simply explore.

2. Gratitude and Awareness

Appreciation for the things we have in our lives can make all the difference to our sense of wellbeing, moment to moment. And our days are full of moments, micro – opportunities to enjoy and revel in the good things we have. Enjoying life can take practice. In my Mindful Creativity courses we focus on gratitude as a practice that enhances our awareness of the moment. Being in the moment can then help us be more observant, more joyful and can free us up to work creatively with whatever tools, inspiration and ideas come to us. 

3. Play, Experimentation and Non Judgement

We are so hard on ourselves and our own creative abilities that once we learn how to take a break from our own judging patterns, it can be a massive, life-changing relief! Learning how to be less critical of our own work helps us to focus on disciplines such as showing up, developing solid routines and experimenting with new techniques or approaches. Learning how to invite conversation and commentary around our work can feel daunting at first, but once we reframe the conversation, it becomes far easier and more enjoyable. We move towards conversation that is based on genuine curiosity and lines of enquiry, rather than ‘ I like it / I don’t like it!’

4. Acceptance

Acceptance can take courage. It asks us to look at the situation and see it as it is. We don’t need to have any answers. We don’t need to kick into any kind of action. We are just observing and accepting things just as they are. A creative aspect of acceptance is being present with the highs and lows of being a creative practitioner, without being too effected by them. We remind ourselves that nothing is permanent. And the simple practice of turning up and doing something fun and creative, has its own unique rewards.

Courses and workshops

I have a range of Mindful Creativity courses – and you’ve also got options in how you take them! Sign up to my fortnightly newsletter to hear more about 2024 workshop and course dates, and gain access to free goodies and resources!

1. Mindful Creativity 6-week course: Nourish your Heart, Soul and Imagination This is a great foundational course to introduce you to the practice of Mindful Creativity. This will be offered in 2024 as an online course – stay tuned for more information!

2. Mindful Creativity 6-month course: 168 Days of Magic: This 6-month programme offers you the chance to really slow down and deepen into a lovely playful creative practice. One of my flagship programmes, this launches online in February 2024. More details coming soon!

Mindful Creativity Musings