Frequently Asked Questions about Mindful Creativity

Q: What level of creativity is required to do a Mindful Creativity course or workshop?

A: Mindful Creativity is for everyone. No artistic talent or creative ability is required. It’s helpful if you are interested, of course, in creativity. And if you’ve done courses before, or have started your own creative practice, then great! But absolute beginners are also welcome. In fact, Beginner’s Mind is very much encouraged – read my blog post on this!

Q: Do I need to know anything about mindfulness or meditation?

A: All you really need is to be curious. If you’ve got some experience at yoga, meditation or breath work that’s great. But we really start with the foundations and go from there – it’s a very gentle introduction that everyone can participate in. I really just encourage you to be happy to explore different pathways to living more slowly and joyfully.

Do I need to buy a lot of materials?

It’s up to you how much you spend on your materials. Paint brushes and student-quality paints are included in the course fee.  I recommend you allocate around $50 for basic supplies after that, for things like an art journal, some watercolour paper and a few different water-based paints. And some things like pencils and scrap paper you’ll very likely be able to source from supplies you have around the house. Because this is really about creative play, I encourage you to use what you like. When we start the course, I provide a cheat sheet of things you might like to bring with you – but you’re in control – do what works for you!