2024 Update

Dates for the 2024 course are coming soon – stay tuned! Please do sign up for my fortnightly emails so you get the latest news on courses and workshop dates!

About this course

Are you looking for a way to be more relaxed, mindful and manage stress better? Are you interested in exploring creativity and having time out to enjoy new creative adventures? 168 Days of Magic aims to help you achieve a sense of peace, connectedness and wellness. A six-month creative journey, the programme gets you writing, doodling, drawing, painting, exploring nature and deepening your connection with your inner self.

What’s the difference between the online course and the studio course?

Both the studio and the online course cover the same content. But the online course is very much more self-led. You can do it at your own pace, in our own time, and in your own space! The studio course is run in small groups in my art studio. It’s more interactive and has a higher degree of facilitated workshop components. Both have their benefits – depending on where you are, how you like to explore creativity, and what time you have available in 2023!

About me – your Mindful Creativity Guide and Mentor

Course Facilitator: As your course facilitator, I have designed the course curriculum and developed the exercises for us to explore. I really enjoy creating a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment for others, I’m here to help you explore and build confidence in your own creative process – and enjoy the journey along the way!

 Mindful Creativity practitioner: This course enables me to share the approach I have developed over the past five years, incorporating the practice of mindfulness into my creative practice. I share my own experiences in the hope that they’ll help you to find new ways to enjoy the creative process – and to deepen into your own practice as well.

Ambassador of slow, meandering, experimental creative practice: 168 Days of Magic is a six month course for a reason! I think slow creativity is one of the hidden gems of the the creative world. Not only does the 6-month period allow us to relax and enjoy the journey, the time allows us to work at a deeper level; have time to take in, reflect on and process new ideas about the connection between mindfulness and creativity. This is a course that allows you to go as fast or as slow as you like, and I fully encourage dalliance, going down side alleys and rabbit holes, getting lost in fun things and forgetting what you were doing in the first place!