My husband and I now live on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand!

The Kapiti Coast is a lush, beautiful part of the world. It feels a little to me like Hawaii to me – very green, abundant with plant life, air that is amazingly fresh and stunning coastal drives where the moutains seemingly come down right to the ocean’s edge.

The pictures in the gallery below (nagivate by clicking the arrows) have been taken on my phone during my walks around our new neighbourhood. Walking distance from our place to the nearest cafes is about 45 minutes. So different from living in Sydney and having my favourite all time 24/7 cofffee haunt, Maisies, only five minutes away!

The beach is a Waikenae Beach. Sometimes this beach looks very wild, remote and grey – I love the moodiness of it at times like this, treading the dark sand and navigating the driftwood, feeling like I’m in the movie The Piano. At other times, like last weekend, the beach and the ocean look sparkling and fresh. Every day is different here but they are all amazing.

Also included is a progress picture of the new studio! Still lots to do but I am loving getting stuck back into the many creations I have in progress. Lots to do!

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In this edition:

  • Latest print: Ginette
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  • New framed print in stock: The Crossing
  • G is for ‘Get Over It’ – the latest installment in the A-Z of Communing with the Universe
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