The Speaker

Original artwork by Jordan Harcourt-Hughes

Completed: 2023

Available as: The Speaker is available as an original artwork. 

Materials: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 102cm high  x 76mm wide

Cost: $800 (shipping not included)

The journey of this work

My paintings evolve a lot over time. I’m a slow painter and I have a of of different works going on at any one time. So I weave in and out of paintings and often don’t feel like working on pieces for months at a time. Often, they seem to want to disappear from my attention. It’s part of the ‘baking’ process, I guess.

But, The Speaker in particular, has gone. through significant evolutions. Originally there was a lot more purple and pink in this one, as you can see from the photos below. And there were many of what I call ‘coded elements’ in the space around the body of The Speaker, packages of other-worldly knowledge that has been coming through as this being makes itself known to me, and I to it. Perhaps we are one and the same, meeting each other across the dimensions.

I also took The Speaker into the digital space to play around (bottom left), and I’m quite happy with it because I love to bring in a mirror effect to a lot of my paintings, as it adds balance and cohesion – but also, I got to bring the purple back!

The completed version of The Speaker feels restful and I think I’ve done enough! I hop you find the work interesting and of course if you have any questions about it, I’m always happy to chat!

The Speaker as an early exploration for Communing with the Universe

One of the motifs I am constantly painting in my artworks is that of the circle. It’s a largely unconscious movement of the paint brush –they just seem to appear and my hand seems to like to paint them. They are seldom perfect circles. In fact they are often messy and irregular in shape. Nevertheless, they are round, closed shapes. And for some reason it always strikes me that when I paint circles, I paint sound. I have always thought this, without having any rational explanation for it.

In The Speaker, you can see these circles that both sit outside the outline of the body, and inside. In particular, there is a swirl of circle activity in the heart space of the body To me this represents the language of the heart, with meaning and language making it’s way out into the world through the structure of the circle, which could well represent the shape of a vibration, a pod of energetic and possibly alien wisdom, or simply something similar to the shape water makes when a stone is dropped into it. Those circles that move outwards in an ever-widening circumference are similar to the silent sounds The Speaker makes.

Not only does The Speaker makes these sounds, but they also exist in the air and in the aether close by, as seen by the circles to the left of his head and at the bottom and top right of the painting.

You’ll note that The Speaker doesn’t have eyes. I often feel that this is a good representation of how we’ll commune with the universe around us as we open up our perceptive capabilities. It won’t be about seeing things – in the literal sense. And so, using our eyes won’t be as important as tapping into our more holistic sensory abilities. Feeling, sensing, intuiting, imagining. That’s the foundations of a new approach, and part of our journey as humans to evolve our ability to commune, connect and understand the universe we exist in

To me, The Speaker is not human. He is half here, half not. He is only an outline of a shape, a translucent presence.

Do you ever feel like that? I often feel like I am only partially present in this reality – and the other half of me is elsewhere. I like to think that The Speaker has appeared from some other dimension, and in his own home, he is perhaps asleep, or meditating, or deep in thought, and has somehow emerged here on my side of the universe, and is communing with me through the language of circles.

So, how shall I reply? In same language, I imagine. It seems sensible to think that emanating outwards from my body are a thousand such circles – some that The Speaker may perceive, some that may float past, outside the radar of his consciousness, perhaps to b picked up by some other presence beyond his sphere. I’m not sure we can ever know who will detect our signals, and what they will make of them. But I am quite certain that we are, in fact, all signalling and using many different forms of language and expression, than we currently realise.