The Breach

Original artwork by Jordan Harcourt-Hughes (diptych)

Completed: November 2021

About this artwork:  This has been an interesting painting for me. I did most of very quickly, possibly in just an hour or two, back in 2019.

And then it sat in the studio for a year, and I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It’s very unusual for me to get to a finished painting quickly. Usually, there’s lots of experimentation and wrong turns. So it was unnerving to see this one birthed, for the large part, whole.

The Breach continues my thematic exploration of circles. I started working on it again mid-2021 and it coincides with a time of feeling deeply present, deeply happy and in a kind of new space, metaphorically.

As I’ve worked on it these past few months. The pinks have been emboldened. The dripping circle has been worked on as a feature. And the sense of potent black space has also been heightened; a connection to the dark depths of the subconscious that is often remarked on in my paintings. And to me, that finally gave the meaning of the painting that that sense of coming up from a very deep dive.

And so, the breach is about reaching the surface. It occurs to me that when I first painted this back in 2019, I was already there, but only tentatively there. I had a vague sense of arriving at a new place but perhaps it was still tenuous. It arrived and yet I couldn’t quite claim it then. I claim it now!

Available: The Breach is available as a pair of original acrylic-on-canvas artworks, fine art print, and on designer goodies.

The Breach designer goodies

Wine Cooler

Tote Bag


Wine cooler

Tote Bag