Introduction to Podcasting 6-week course

Ever thought about creating your own podcast? You’ll gain experience in all the practical skills required to produce your own podcast, such as recording and editing audio, producing episodes and publishing to Apple Podcasts.

About the Course

This six-week course takes you through all of the essential steps to create, produce and publish your own podcast. You’ll explore the different types of podcast content production such as panel discussions, narration and interviews in order to decide on your own podcast format.

You’ll generate imaginative ideas for podcast scripts, interviews, promotions and features and explore your own personal podcasting style and intent though exercises that help you to define your podcasting goals and aspirations.  You’ll learn the software and audio production techniques required for podcasting and in the second half of the course you’ll have the opportunity to script, plan, develop and produce your pilot podcast episode!

Intermediate level computer skills required – not for beginners to computers.

By the end of the course, you’ll have:

  • Defined your podcasting purpose, your target audience and chosen your podcast niche, as well as researched your competition and found a point of differentiation for your podcast
  • Practised using a range of different tools, software and equipment involved in producing a podcast
  • Evaluated how a range of podcast formats are constructed and produced, and chosen the best  format for your own podcast
  • Gained experience in creating and recording your own audio content, and in creating and recording intro, outros, ads and promos
  • Practised conducting podcasting interviews in person and over Skype, and developed basic skills in Adobe Audition editing software
  • Developed an understanding of the different hosting alternatives and requirements for your podcast
  • Create a branded tile and description for your podcast to help you market it and have at the ready for when you go to publish, as well as formulated your plan to publish your podcast to iTunes and share with clients, customers, friends and followers

Bring any ideas you have for creating your podcast as well as a pair of headphones and a USB memory stick.

What people are saying about this course

‘This course exceeded expectations in every way.  Jordan is amazing, competent, awesome and really helpful.  Group emails are fabulous – loved the course!” 

 ‘Jordan is a natural teacher, the content is excellent.  I will definitely (and already have) promoted this course to others. Thoroughly enjoyed this course, Jordan’s teaching is excellent.’

‘The class format and resources were very useful. It didn’t feel like anything was left out; all the info is there for when I need it.’

  ‘In terms of gaining confidence, the most significant components for me have been the technical considerations; although I have valued all of the elements covered in developing a podcast. The classes were extremely varied, they maintained my interest throughout with well-paced, challenging activities. This course covers all of the elements needed to develop and create your own podcast. Really valued the thoughtful and relevant subject matter.’

‘I liked having the chance to have a go, especially working on some of my own stuff and sharing ideas with the group.’

‘The resources are great and the interactive format works really well. The course gives you practical, hands-on experience, but also a set of ‘how to’s’ for the future.’

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