Gift yourself some Creative ‘Me Time’ this  Christmas

About YOU!

You’ve given a lot of yourself this year. As December draws to a close, there’s a good chance you’re starting to feel pretty tapped out. You might be starting to think about ways in 2023 that you can be more relaxed, mindful and manage stress better. And you may be thirsty for fresh creative nourishment, a guiding hand to help you explore creative play and experiment with different pathways of artistic expression.

168 Days of Magic aims to help you achieve a sense of peace, connectedness and wellness. A six-month creative journey, the programme gets you writing, doodling, drawing, painting, exploring nature and deepening your connection with your inner self.

The course combines monthly modules delivered to your inbox, and a 1:1 coaching session with me online. If you’re keen to explore creativity for wellbeing, relaxation and fun, this course is for you!

About me

My name’s Jordan. I am an abstract artist and I have always loved yoga. The breathwork and slow movements calm me and bring me back to my centre. I feel the same way about painting, writing, drawing and journaling. All of these creative activities help me to relax and unwind. They they give me a joyful, restorative buzz. My Mindful Creativity programmes are where I bring the spirit of yoga and mindful reflection to the art of creativity to create a fun, relaxing and playful experience that can also be very relaxing and restorative. Join me for my next online course – we start on 1 January!

About 168 Days of Magic: my 6-month Mindful Creativity course

168 Days of Magic delivers one module a month to your inbox, for 6 months. Each module is an online experience, incorporating videos, reading and workbook activities. Every activity can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. You also have the opportunity to connect with me for a 1:1 coaching session and share your creative experiments in my private Facebook group. In this course we explore a ‘flow sequence’ that enhance our sense of wellbeing and allow us to deepen into a more relaxed, creative state. The process aims to leave you feeling joyful, calm and nourished!

My Four Pillars a of Mindful Creativity – developed through my own painting practice

1. Beginner’s Mind

In this course we explore the joy of being a beginner. This allows us to looks at things fresh; to ask new questions, embrace our curiosity and approach creative activities with no expectations of how things will turn out. Beginner’s mind is a key part of Mindful Creativity because it creates space for engaging with ideas, art practices and creative exercises no matter what kind of experience we have – or don’t have! It’s a friendly, accessible way to warm up our creative muscles and be free, whimsical and relaxed. Beginner’s Mind takes all the pressure off having to create finished artworks and allows us to simply explore.

2. Gratitude and Awareness

Appreciation for the things we have in our lives can make all the difference to our sense of well being, moment to moment. And our days are full of moments, micro – opportunities to enjoy and revel in the good things we have. Enjoying life can take practice. In this course we focus on gratitude as a practice that enhances our awareness of the moment. Being in the moment can then help us be more observant, more joyful and can free us up to work creatively with whatever tools, inspiration and ideas come to us. 

3. Play, Experimentation and Non Judgement

Of all the people who’ve ever spent time in my studio, our inner critic is the thing that causes the most grief. We are so hard on ourselves and make so many judgements about our own creative abilities that once we learn how to take a break from our own judging patterns, it can be a massive, life-changing relief! Our creative focus sees us exploring a range of tests and creative experiments to let us loosen up, play and have fun with our work – and be less judgmental of ourselves throughout the process!

4. Acceptance

Acceptance can take courage. It asks us to look at the situation and see it as it is. We don’t need to have any answers. We don’t need to kick into any kind of action. We are just observing and accepting things just as they are. A creative aspect of acceptance is being present with the highs and lows of making art, without being too effected by them. We remind ourselves that nothing is permanent. And the simple practice of turning up and doing something fun and creative, has its own unique rewards.

Because I want you to enjoy something that’s just for you…..

I’m offering a special reduced price of $89 for the full 6-month programme, to make it easier for you to take care of YOU!  Enjoy this discount while you can – jump in and reserve your place. I’m really excited to begin the journey with you!