Kind words from clients

I had an idea that was very close to my heart but that I was tempted to put in the ‘crazy’ basket.
At any time that I was tempted to abandon my plan, just looking at the artwork, newsletters and website that Jordan created for me kept me true to what I wanted to do.
Jordan is a creative, insightful, generous and extremely competent designer and communicator. Working with her will breathe special life into whatever it is you are wanting to bring in to being.

Dr Margaret Rainbird, Founder, Labyrinths for Life

Talking to the world about what’s important

So you have something important to say. Where do you start? How do you connect with the people that will really hear you, and take action when they understand what you’re talking about?

Whether you’re starting from scratch with your communications plan or looking to take a new approach, I can help you

  • Get clarity on your audience
  • Strengthen your key messages
  • Choose the best channels to reach your market
  • Create impactful content that inspires and motivates your audience into action
  • Analyse, track and report on communication campaigns

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