I’m really pleased to be offering creativity courses in 2020! Book now for my Mindful Creativity course, being run out of the Wellington Community Education Centre, on Taranaki Street Wellington. I’m also offering a course on building your Artist Brand for local aspiring artists! 

About this Course

Connect with your own inner voice by developing a personal creative practice. This course incorporates practical creative exercises such as doodling, sketching, experimenting with acrylic paints, journaling and reflection activities. We also explore intuitive writing and ‘future visioning exercises’. This is a great foundation course to establish a nourishing creative practice for happiness, wellbeing and fun. This course culminates in the creation of a ‘soul portrait’ to help you capture, and stay connected, to your truest self.

What if everything could be calm, simple, joyful, meaningful? What if, every day, you could achieve bliss by

  • Knowing your most important goals
  • Feeling connected your spiritual side
  • Learning techniques to explore and contemplate your life purpose
  • Finding your unique style of artistic expression
  • Setting a creative vision and articulate your creative goals

Course Outcomes

  • Learn how to create and maintain a quiet, calm space for mindful reflection
  • Develop your own creative practice and make your own rules about what works for you
  • Use your mindful creative practice to commune with nature and the universe
  • Use art and creativity to expand and explore a dialogue with your deepest self about your life’s purpose and what you came here to do

About this Workshop

Are you a visual artist or designer looking to increase your profile and your opportunities to make money? This course shows you how to digitise your artwork and create prints, products and designer goodies. This course is great for artists looking to monetise their work and expand their offerings into the areas of designer merchandise, homewares and apparel.

Being an artist or a designer is great fun. And of course, it’s great when you develop a name for yourself and your particular style starts to become recognisable. But how do you start to take things to the next level and get your designs across commercial products? How can you create a range of designer goodies to sell at markets, to retailers, and to help build your online store?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a range of digital prints and patterns from a single artwork
  • Articulate your artist brand and identify the target audience for your product range
  • Identify the best suppliers to work with when building your product range
  • Use your artwork to inspire a specific product series that may include kitchenware, homewares, clothing, apparel and designer goodies.
  • Consider the best options for you when it comes to marketing and selling your product range online.

New Cave Woman Creativity School

These new courses and workshops are part of my new creativity school! You can find out more about New Cave Woman on my new website, or download the brochure to take a look at all of my 2020 offerings!