Join me for my class on Content Marketing: creating a digital magazine for your brand or business

Learn how to create your own interactive magazine! This class takes you through ever step required to write, create and publish a digital, interactive magazine. It’s a great marketing technique to showcase your own passion project or to build awareness of your brand or business.

Learn the foundations of digital publishing and get inspired with a dash of creative play through mood-boarding and visual style craft. Discover how to learn how to create hero content and brainstorm your editorial strategy.  And you’ll learn how to tap into content marketing strategies to ensure your digital magazine kicks some serious marketing goals!

About New Cave Woman

New Cave Woman is my learning imprint, a part of my creative, personal and professional practice which encompasses creative courses, workshops and presentations. New Cave Woman allows me a space to talk about my love of learning and to also offer up questions such as ‘what if we as if we were once again stepping out of the cave, into modern life, but with the chance to make our decisions anew? What learning is important for us now, and how can we create a different paradigm to what we had before, that more effectively allows us to evolve from where were are now, as a race and a species on this planet, in this universe? How can we best face and form the future that lies ahead of us all?’


Learning is one of the most important things that we as human beings do. Now more than ever, learning is important for everyone, of every age and situation. We are in a unique time. There are many challenges to learning. We have the opportunity to re-image what learning means, what it should cost, who it should be available to and how it is done. We have the opportunity to create new ways of learning and new values for how we evaluate learning.  We are changing. Learning is changing. The future is wide open.


The New Cave Woman Learning Lab

Welcome to my blog on creativity, life and learning. As I develop more creative courses to share with you, I’m writing about my own experiences navigating change, personal growth and creative evolution. I think it’s one of life’s great joys to know that we all have something to teach each other from our own experiences, and we can all learn from what others have done in carving their own unique path. 

What to do when you’re hit with a ‘change challenge’

...but something else happened. And I believe this happens to all of us. We are forced to acknowledge that this new information that could change things for the better. It’s information that needs our best attention. And it’s information that requires us to make...

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You’ve just reached a goal – wait, you hate it?

You've reached a goal - time to celebrate. Wait, you hate it?  I kind of knew about the bears. Theoretically. But I didn’t really know it in my body. There is, I found out, a huge difference. Massive.  What could be better than achieving a goal? Have you ever had that...

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The Rage Equation

The rage equation Have you felt the fury, recently?I would dare to suggest that even if you're the the most focused, positive person, you can still sometimes get sidelined by rage.It's a tricky thing. We feel rage because we care about life. If...

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