Bitroux Book 1: The Metalsmith cover art by jordan Harcourt-Hughes

About Bitroux: Book 1 The Metalsmith

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How much can the bonds between twins survive? Can they survive anger, distance, arguments left unsettled and a lifetime of experiences left unshared?

Merouac is full of regret about the way he left things with his sister Malaena.

Now she’s gone and he’s got his hands full taking care of her young daughter; a wilful and curious girl intent on giving him a crash-course in parenting.

As Merouac juggles taking care of Evra with the pressures of his job as head metalsmith on the Transcontinental Railroad, a series of mysteries begin to emerge. A new star appears in the night sky; evidence that Ahm’s protective shield is down. Strange blue apparitions are making themselves known to Merouac, chanting the words ‘Down, Down.’ And then the mystery of Malaena’s death deepens, leaving Merouac with twice as many questions and no answers.

As Merouac goes in search of his sister, he embarks on a journey across space and frequency and discovers that both memory and reason are fragile, and that the bonds of the heart may be more resilient than the planets themselves.