Less mess in 2019? Yes please!

Let me introduce you to my Blue Feather carry-all pouch, pictured left. It’s changed my life! And if you’re heading back to work in the next few weeks, it could also change your life!I use my carry-all as a pencil case. And it’s awesome. Let me tell you how.

  1. It’s pretty! I’ve got a whole range of carry-all pouches available in my online store and they all showcase one of my unique artworks. What can be better to brighten your day than having some art on your desk and in your bag?
  2. It’s keeping me from getting ink-stained hands whenever I dip my hand into my handbag.  Do you ever do that? I like to have pens, textas and art liners with me at all times in case I need to write or feel like doodling. But these kind of  

inky beauties can run amok in your bag. Pens come off and before you know it, you’ve reached in for your wallet and come up with fingers seriously blotted with ink. Not a great look if you’ve got people to meet and places to go! Put all your pens into one of my carry-alls and they’re safely tucked away, ready when you’re ready (but out of the way when you’re not!)

Save your bags and your wardrobe. Yep, it’s not your fingers that can get grubby! Pens can stick through your bag and draw lovely doodles all over your beautiful white skirts or slacks (I know this from multiple experience, sadly!) My carry-alls keep everything safe, and they’re made from a really robust canvas fabric – nothing much gets past them!

What are you waiting for? Take a look at six of my favourite carry-all pouches below.v

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Blue Feather 

Monday in the Garden



The Crossing

Dreamwalk 2