B is for Breathe

This is the next instalment in my Communing with the Universe series. I like to ponder the different ways we can, through physical and creative means, engage in a broader, more satisfying dialogue with nature and the universe we live in. I think of ‘communion’ as a level above ‘communication’ where we are able to use our entire sensory beings in the process; to absorb, listen, appreciate and find meaning.

Breathe – drift – find some place new

When it comes to the sensation of breathing out, I think everyone can appreciate how wonderful it feels. To release stress and toxins from our entire being, to reduce the overload of sensation. To come back down to Earth. To reconnect and find our way back to that place of peace.

As humans, we have many different ways of breathing out – we can do this by taking a quiet walk on the beach, appreciating the power of the ocean and the vastness of the 

sky, and letting our bodies be ever so slightly altered by the energy of the water and the powerful presence of nature. This is a one of my own favourite activities. We find ourselves lulled into an altered state of consciousness, and this is often where magic happens. As we contemplate our day or our lives, new observations and insights reveal themselves.

Building new sensory skill sets

Switching out our senses
Who is to say that those new insights are not gifted to us through a connection with a universal intelligence, that exists in that space where were are less busy, more thoughtful, and more open?
These kind of relaxing, meditative practices are often powerful because we do them quietly. We move away from busyness and into silence, or at least a quiet space that does not require us to use our voices and our ears as much as our hearts and minds.

Another B – Block your Ears
Every time I have sat down to write about this process of breathing out in the last few weeks, another ‘B’ action keeps coming to mind that is also about communing – and that is ‘the idea of ‘blocking our ears’.

Why is the idea of blocking our ears so connected to breathing out? I think it’s this; breathing out needs to last longer than the actual physical sensation of release. To sustain it, we also need to stop ourselves from loading up again straight away with all of the stimuli that comes at us from all angles, at all times throughout our waking hours. And in addition, because there is so much actual noise in our lives, we are constantly feeling overwhelmed. We forget to practice other kinds of listening.

Building up ‘alternate’ sensory muscles
What would happen if we shut our ears? How much would we hear then? My opinion is that the body hears through every pore in our being. I think our entire body is a listening device, and much of the communication in our universe is vibratory.

It’s not just our eardrums that make sense of vibration. Our entire body, being made up to such a large extent of water, also registers vibration. This means that our bodies can pick up vibratory information that sits outside what our ears can detect.

Becoming More

We don’t always know what we know
We’re capable of receiving energetic impressions, sound waves that reach us through vibration. The problem is that these impressions aren’t something we consciously notice, especially because we’re not trained or encouraged or taught how to notice them.

Another challenge is that we don’t have a common language or agreed science for whole-of-body hearing and listening. Because we don’t have language for it, or agreed thinking or education on how to hear using your body, we don’t do it (or we’re not consciously aware of it even if we do).

Listening to the Universe
If we can start to use our bodies more, start to understand how they can be a receiver and a transmitter of vibratory data, then the entire universe opens up to us. There are a trillion sounds out there all around us which we never hear. Animals may hear them but they never make a disturbance in our human- audio range.

So if we take that a little further and consider all of the sounds that are being made across the dimensions, across the universe, how much could we hear, if we simply opened up our imagination and considered that our ears don’t tell us everything, and that if we want to hear more, we have to hear differently?

I think it’s an exciting concept to explore. And I think it all starts with our breathe and taking the time to step back, unwind, slow down, breathe out… and just be.


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