I’m really pleased to be showcasing some of my favourite paintings this year with my 2024 Print Sale!

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My feature print for January 2024 was Medicine Woman! For February, it’s all about Blossom!

Blossom – Fine Art Print by Jordan Harcourt-Hughes

Medicine Woman – Fine Art Print by Jordan Harcourt-Hughes

Standard Prices and Sale Prices

Prices are based on A3 and A4 sizes, with shipping info for Australia and New Zealand. Let me know if you need details for shipping further afield. The below shows my standard A3 and A4 print prices for 2024. So, if you’re browsing any of my artworks on this site and would like to put an order in for a print, off you go!  You can use the below form for standard and sale prints.

These are the current prices as of January 2024. SALE prices are $10 off – so $49.95 for A4 and $59.95 for A3. 

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Art Print Order Form

Art Print Order Form

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