Beginning a Creative Project

Episode Focus: Talk it Out, talk it Up

Mindfulness: the art of positive self-talk

Interview: Spiritual practitioner Kim Chamberlain

Creativity: About my own creative project: What does silent sound look like?

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How can positive self-talk help you with your creative project?

It helps to be aware of that little voice in the back of your head, because it can make the difference between forging on with your creative project or giving up. Here’s some further reading on the art of positive self-talk, and some awesome affirmations that you might like to explore and practice!

Podcast chat with Kim Chamberlain

Kim is a speaker, author and has worked in the personal, professional and spiritual development field for over 20 years, helping people to move forward in their lives. She has run a communication skills training business, and has set up a support service for women in business. She has always been interested in spirituality and currently does spiritual readings and runs meditation sessions.

You can find out more about Kim on her website: https://www.kimchamberlain.com/

Jordan: Welcome  – you’re a practitioner in the spiritual well-being space. What does that look like and where does that take you in your daily life?

Kim: Hi, I’ve been involved in the spiritual world for around thirty years and have been giving spiritual readings for about ten years. I also channel information that I make it into books, rune stones, intuition cards and so on. 

Jordan: Amazing. And what is the experience for you when you do a reading for someone?

Kim: If you were to go to 100 different readers, you would get 100 different experiences. Everybody does it differently. I didn’t choose how I do it, I think Spirit has told me how to do it.

Readings with me take about an hour. I get into the zone beforehand, which usually involves meditation and maybe reading something spiritual or something I’ve written myself or something I channel, so that I’m ready and tuned in.

It’s all about energy. It’s about picking up on somebody’s energy and picking up their spiritual energy. It really helps me if I can hold something of theirs, which is called psychometry. Often it’s a piece of jewellery or whatever people want to give me. It helps me get a bit more connected with them. And then I do what I describe as a three-way conversation. Spirit asks me to ask the person questions and they answer, and then Spirit give them words of wisdom. So it is conversational, and the more that people share, the more information they get back from Spirit.

And it certainly helps if they come along with questions because there’s so much that we could talk about. Generally I’ll write things down for people, or if they want to record it, then they can do. Spirit answers as many questions as they want to answer, and not every question will necessarily be answered; if for example Spirit thinks it’s not appropriate for you to know.

Jordan: Is there any is there any way to describe that sense of connection with spirit where you know you’re connected to something that’s wise and has something to share? What does that feel like?

Kim: My belief is that everything in life falls onto a continuum. And I call it my Continuum Theory of Life. And I think it applies to most things, possibly everything. It’s the same with when you’re connecting; sometimes you have days or people where you feel extremely connected and sometimes it’s a small connection. And I always say it’s like tuning into a radio station. There are radio waves in the room; sometimes you’re connected and you’ve got a great reception and sometimes, just a little reception. 

With some people, I have an amazing connection and I feel completely different. I feel in the zone and sometimes I feel very emotional about it and often the person has felt that as well. Quite often, it’s people who are a bit along the way in the spiritual journey, and also those who are interested and keen, and are somewhere on the journey, even just beginning. Then there’s a real sense of connection and I just feel completely different. And I know that everything I’m saying is not coming from me, that I am literally a channel for that information.

Jordan: Yeah, it’s amazing. So I guess something else I’m interested in is, does it just happen when you’re engaging with another human or can you be out having a walk and you suddenly feel connected and you feel like you’re accessing something that you know from elsewhere? Does it happen at different in different ways?

Kim: So everybody is different and everyone’s on the continuum, and some people are connected what seems to be all the time and some people just occasionally. I don’t think I’m connected all the time. Certainly things do happen to me. If I go out for a walk, I might specifically choose to have a conversation with someone. I’ve gone out for a walk and spoken to my dad, who has passed away. I might speak to somebody whose book I’ve read who died last century. Sometimes I can do that and tune into them.

You might have heard of the four ‘clairs’, clairvoyance, clairaudience , clairsentience and claircognisance. My main way of getting information is what’s called claircognisance. That means I just know things. Every now and then I get a huge knowing that is so powerful that I never question it.

Jordan: I think that that’s incredibly interesting. Often there’s a sense that you know something. But then there’s the translation as well; so without having any data or anything other than felt knowledge, how do you then communicate that this is true and this is real? Have you struggled with this?

Kim: So when I get the knowing that feels like a bolt of lightning, I have no reason to doubt it at all. And it’s interesting sometimes when I’m giving readings and I just get that absolute sense of knowing and usually when it’s that level it’s so powerful that the other person feels it as well.

Jordan: As a creative person and knowing a lot of people in the creative space, we are usually quite sensitive and quite intuitive and can tap into that sense of knowing quite easily. But then I think there can be less confidence in going with it. Any thoughts on how people can gain confidence in going with what they’re feeling?

Kim: Yes, it’s a gut feeling. And your gut is another brain – your gut feeling is so powerful. Always go with your gut feeling. The best way to learn that is to not go with your gut feeling,  because things go wrong when you don’t go with your gut feeling because it’s an intuition. And that’s one of the ways that we receive messages.

People receive messages in different ways. They may dream about it, for example. But a lot of people get a gut feeling. And it’s just a case of trusting. And again, it’s on the continuum. Sometimes, it’s such a strong gut feeling that you just know. Other times it’s quite gentle. I watched a very interesting video a while ago, talking about the fact that on our hand we’ve got our palm which is like our brain, then we have the five fingers which are like the five senses, and we can get information via our five senses. Then imagine you’ve got a very little sixth finger, and that’s your intuition. And we often get information via that little sixth finger, but it whispers. So it’s a case of learning to listen to the whisper and then trusting it when you’re genuinely tapping into it. One of the ways to tap into it is to go into the silence. We do need to spend a period of time regularly in silence, away from the noise of human life. And then we’ll be able to hear that little whisper and trust it a lot more.

Jordan: How do you connect with spirit on a personal level and what does that look like in a day to day life when you’re just doing the boring things in life and it’s not about, you know, doing work or doing readings. It’s just about life.

Kim: Yeah, just life. It’s hard to say in a way, because as it is part of your life, you can’t separate it out from life, can you?

I probably do things now that I didn’t do a number of years ago, but they’ve just become so entrenched in life that I don’t actually know I’m doing them. But there are specific things I do do.

Every morning when I’m in the shower, I do an energy cleanse. I’ll do an energy cleanse of myself and an energy cleanse of my aura, and then I’ll put protection around myself.

I’ve been doing that for a while now, and I also have crystals in the car and I have them around the house and I wear them, and they all do different things. So that’s incorporated into my life. I meditate probably not every day, but regularly, and sometimes like today I’ve done three and I’m doing another one this evening, which is a bit unusual, but I’m doing an online course where there’s lots of meditation.

I think the main thing that it’s probably brought me over the years is an understanding, a much greater understanding of life and why we’re here and why things happen and why people do things. And in a lot of ways it’s brought me peace, a peace that I didn’t have before. So that’s hard to quantify, but I certainly have a much bigger inner peace than I used to before. And I think that’s due to years’ worth of working on this.

Jordan: Really? And we probably covered this as well, but how can spirituality enhance your life? Is it about getting that inner peace and that inner calm?

Kim: I would say for me, it’s two main things. It’s understanding. Just understanding how life works and what it’s all about and why we’re here. Understanding why we’ve got challenges and what we’re supposed to do with these challenges. It doesn’t make life any less challenging necessarily, but it helps if we understand.

We might have brought things through from a previous life when we’ve had different relationships with people in our current life – just understanding all of that helps.

And one of the big things that really helped me not worry so much was knowing that we’re eternal. And so if we don’t do it all this life time or if we get it wrong, it doesn’t matter. We come back and we can do it again.

Jordan: Yeah. Oh, thank you for sharing that. That’s an incredible story. That’s my last question for you. Other than why are we here?

Kim: Oh, that’s the big question, really isn’t? I’ve been going to spiritual development groups for many, many years, and that’s one of the things that we wonder about – why, when we were initially perfect beings, and we’ve been broken up and brought down to Earth and have to try to patch ourselves together and become a perfect being again, why are we actually doing this?

We don’t know the answer to that. But the easier level to understand is that we are on a spiritual journey. If you believe that we are on a spiritual journey, then our soul can choose how to evolve.

And one of the ways to evolve is to come to Earth and be a human being. You can go to other planets, but it is said that Earth is the hardest planet to come to, and it gives us the most spiritual growth by going through the challenges here.

So we come here and we choose, to some level, the challenges, that we’re going to have. Before we come to Earth we decide what challenges we’re going to have and we think, ‘Oh, we’re going to live for X amount of years and it’s not that long in the grand scheme of things’. But then you become a human, you think ‘Far out, this is actually quite a long time when you are living as a human’. And we often try to get off the path of the challenges that we’re on, because it’s painful and human beings don’t like pain.

But what we’ve also got is a team of spiritual helpers. And if we’ve decided to have this challenge to learn a lesson and we haven’t learned the lesson, our guides will keep us on this path until we’ve learned it. So we’ve come here basically to grow spiritually. And one of the ways we do that is through having challenges, growing, and aiming for unconditional love for ourselves, for other people, for the planet, for the universe. So it’s like a big school, basically. Coming to Earth is like going to school.

Jordan: Well, thank you for being with us. It’s been great to have you.

Kim: That’s OK. I’ve enjoyed it. Thank you.

Creative Project Update

In Episode 9, my creative project update focuses on how I’m exploring the idea of silent sound through the use of the circle motif that appears a lot in my artwork. 

On the right is an example of one of my paintings from 2018 – you can really start to see the circle element appearing more and more, and in particular this idea that the circles are quite loose, potentially ‘dripping’ with other-world intelligence.

I also mentioned that I’m exploring cymatics and how this technique of giving a visual form to vibrations may also help us understand what silent sound might like – e.g. sound that our human ears cannot detect, but our bodies can feel through vibration. I love the Nigel Stanford video, also on the left – a very creative, performance art experience that demonstrates what’s possible in this space.

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