Haere mai and welcome! 

Kia ora. I’m Jordan – thanks for visiting! I’m a marketing and communications professional, as well as being a practising artist. I paint abstract, nature-inspired paintings and combine that love with creative writing and digital production. Australian-born and living in New Zealand, I’m passionate about all aspects of creativity. I love leading creative teams and have coached and developed creative professionals across the Asia Pacific region. I’m also passionate about helping others to explore their creative spirit. I run a range of courses and workshops that invite participants to explore elements of creativity, leadership, mindfulness, personal evolution, digital savvy and artistic expression. 

Studio Practice – Original Abstract Paintings

‘Jordan in the Studio’ is my label for all the work I create in my studio – from large-scale original abstract paintings to fine art prints, smaller works and art cards. My studio is open for visiting via appointment or during the Kapiti Coast Arts Trail in November. I also run select workshops out of my studio – see my Creativity Programme for more details!

Abstract painting 'Dizzi' staged in an interior office space, showing how the painting could look when framed and installed.


Dizzi incorporates elements of natural and imagined landscapes and invites the viewer to see the possibilities of both underwater and land-based garden scapes. This work is available as an original abstract painting, and also as a fine art print.

Whisper's Breath original artwork

Whisper's Breath

Whisper’s Breath is part of an ongoing series of paintings that explore both the small and the infinite. These paintings have proven popular and variations have sold quickly each year on the Kapiti Coast Arts Trail. This particular painting has gone home with her new owner, but is available as a fine art print and printed on a range of homewares and designer goodies. Commissions for this style of artwork also warmly welcomed. 

Flow State - original painting by Jordan, shown framed and installed in a modern kitchen

Flow State

Flow State – one of the most fun paintings I’ve created in recent times. A real signature piece, this artwork has now sold but is available as a fine art print and on designer merchandise.

Beane Bark

Even as an Australia-born artist, it’s unusual for me to create anything that speaks of the natural landscape of home. And yet here is Beane Bark, with it’s own unique take on some of our bush flora and fauna. Now a beloved favourite, Beane Bark is available as a fine art print and on designer merchandise.

All Directions at Once

All Directions at Once is an artwork that took me a long time to finish. It gave me so much trouble along the way! It was worth it though – the ebb and flow in so many different directions that this painting explores speaks of my life very well and also showcases my ongoing love of pinks and teals. The original artwork is framed and available for sale. It’s also available as a fine art print and on designer merch.

The Breach diptych

Possibly my boldest and most ambitious paintings to date! The Breach comprises two large scale paintings that work both together and independently (just in case you want to place on one either side of a room!).  Vibrant and modern, The Breach is also available as fine art prints.

Springtime at the Edge of the Universe

This sunny, optimistic painting went unnamed for a period of time, until it found it’s rightful name in a competition in 2020. Visitors to the studio offered a range of suggestions, but of course Springtime at the Edge of the Universe was perfect in every way. The original artwork is available for sale, and can also be purchased as a fine art print or on a range of homewares and designer goodies.


Whyalea – the final artwork created in Sydney before I crossed the ditch to live on the beautiful Kapiti Coast of New Zealand! The original artwork is available for sale. Whyalea 2 is a graphic print variation, also available in a selection of designer goodies.